The following links will take you to gallery whose subjects are in the button titles.  Below the gallery table are some additional notes and links for digital photographers.

Gallery Subject Date Camera
Hoover Dam & Pat Tillman Bridge December 2014 Panasonic GX7
La Reve at Wynn Las Vegas December 2014 Panasonic GX7
Iceland September 2014 Panasonic GX7
Israel October 2013 Panasonic GX7
Athens and the Greek Islands April 2013 Panasonic GX7
Richmond Yacht Club Sailing March 20010 Panasonic GH1
Panasonic GH1 Video Stabilizer November 2009 Panasonic GH1
North Atlantic crossing videos September 2009 Panasonic GH1
China Apr-May 2009 Sony DSC-R1
Mediterranean Revisited Sep-Oct 2008 Sony DSC-R1
New Zealand March 2008 Sony DSC-R1 & H9
Mexico November 2007 Sony DSC-R1
Construction Equipment October 2007 Sony DSC-H9
The Western Mediterranean May 2007 Sony DSC-R1 & H9
Sanibel Island February 2007 Sony DSC-R1
Northwest National Parks September 2006 Sony DSC-R1
Mediterranean Cities June 2006 Sony DSC-R1
Shay Locomotive April 2006 Panasonic DMC-FX9
Fort MacArthur April 2006 Sony DSC-R1
Fancy Peacock April 2006 Panasonic DMC-FX9
Peacocks in my back yard March 2006 Sony DSC-R1
The Bellagio Fountain December 2005 Panasonic DMC-FX9
Hawaii October 2005 Sony DSC-F828
Japan July 2005 Sony DSC-F828
Alaska via the Inside Passage May 2005 Sony DSC-F828
WarBirds: B-17 & B-24 May 2005 Sony DSC-F828
B-17 Flying Fortress April 2005 Sony DSC-F828
Yosemite National Park Jan/Feb 2004 Sony DSC-F828
Southwest US National Parks Nov 2004 Sony DSC-F828
Las Vegas Sep 2004 Sony DSC-F828
Panoramas June 2004 Sony DSC-F828
Europe 2004 May/June 2004 Sony DSC-F828
The Walt Disney Concert Hall April 2004 Sony DSC-F828
The Los Angeles Getty Art Museum April 2004 Sony DSC-F828
The Brooklyn Bridge March 2004 Sony DSC-F828
Europe 2003 May 2003 Canon Pro90

Digital photography is comprised of three components: taking the photographs, editing the photographs, and printing them. Of these three, the first is the easiest. Editing is the most complicated, and printing varies in complexity depending on the size and type of prints you want to make. Steve's Digicam website is an excellent place to begin learning about all the aspects of digital photography and DPReview has highly detailed reviews of all types of digital photography equipment.