Useful Links

Below is a table of websites that Peninsula Software frequently references.  They are not listed in any particular order, so read the descriptions to find out what each site has to offer.

Website Name Description
Switchboard All the telephone books in the US online.  Find people or businesses; only limitation is there must be a listed phone number.
Housecall AntiVirus Free online virus checker that is always up to date.
Gibson Research The "Shields Up" link is the best place on the web to check your system's accessibility to outside hackers or snoops. A router box is your best approach to stay safe.
Speedguide Boatloads of info about how to improve your PC's performance.  The tips on cable/DSL modems will probably double your current throughput.
Stinger A free utility that checks your PC for viruses and removes them.  Frequently updated with the latest virus info.
NoNags More downloadable freeware and shareware than you could ever want.  Specifically identifies "no nag" software that is free of registration reminders.
Flight Tracker Check the current status (speed, altitude, ETA) of any scheduled airline flight.  This site uses the transponder data broadcast by every plane, so it only tracks flights that are actually flying.
Los Angeles Traffic Real-time map of all the LA freeways with the same Caltrans data used by the radio & TV broadcasters.
Digital Photography Review The world's most comprehensive site dedicated to digital photography.  Check the Links page there for other excellent DP sites.
Epinions If you want to find out what other people think of a particular product, just do a search on the product name or model number here.  You'll get a list of dealers and product reviews submitted by real people.
Driver Guide Download the Windows driver file for any device ever manufactured.  You have to register before downloading, but registration is free and they don't send you any emails.
EFTPS Pay your quarterly estimated Federal income taxes online at no additional cost.  The payments are made by wire transfer, so assume the IRS will suck the money out of your checking account the same day you make the payment.