Southwest US National Parks

This page links to several galleries of pictures taken in November 2004 in the National Parks in the Southwest US. Many of the images are panoramas comprised of numerous individual photos simply because the scope of the geology in these parks is so large. Consequently, people using slow (dial-up) connections will experience some delays when loading certain images.

Also, people familiar with the parks will notice some familiar scenes; many of the photos I took are the same subjects as those published in pictorial books describing the parks.  I did not do this on purpose since I don't look at those kinds of books, but the parks are so compelling and photogenic it's impossible not to duplicate existing work.

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Gallery Subject # Photos

Arches National Park

Bryce National Park 65
Canyonlands National Park 43
Capital Reef National Park 16
DeadHorse Point State Park 9
Grand Canyon National Park 66
Las Vegas 7
Moab, Utah 12
Monument Valley National Park 46
Zion National Park 39

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