Peninsula Software

3D Printing

The following table contains images and downloadable STL files for various 3D printing objects I have developed. The STL files have been verified to be manifold (water-tight) and therefor should print OK on any 3D printer.

All of these models were generated using parametric modeling software and can be easily modified to meet a specific need.

I can make the models much faster than I can print them, so this list will get longer over time.

Object Name Image STL File Download Link
Vase 1 Vase1 3dprinting/Vase1.stl
Cup 1 Cup 1 3dprinting/Cup1.stl
Cup 2 Cup 2 3dprinting/Cup2.stl
Jackalope 1 Jackalope 1 3dprinting/Jackalope1.stl
Jackalope 2 Jackalope 2 3dprinting/Jackalope2.stl
Vase 2 Vse 2 3dprinting/vase2.stl 
Vase 3 Vase 3 3dprinting/vase3.stl 
Wiggle 1 Wiggle1 3dprinting/wiggle1.stl
Wiggle 2 Wiggle1 3dprinting/wiggle2.stl