About This Website

Welcome to the latest incarnation of this website whose primary focus is the world of 3D printing. Previous versions have focused on Peninsula Software, my now closed consulting practice of that name, photography, computer controlled model railroading, and the making and sale of bamboo parquet bowls. The links at left will take you to pages for all these topics; here is a brief description of each link:

3D Printing Blog: My blog about 3D printing

Photography: quite a few photo galleries showing places I have travelled to and other subjects I'm interested in.

Links: a page of links to some helpful websites

Lost Luggage: A story about how our luggage got lost by American Airlines, and how we finally retreived it

Recipes: an extensive list of home/adult/child tested recipes that have proven popular over the years

HO Hoist: detailed plans and technical information about how to build a hi-tech model railroad in your garage