The Mediterranean Revisited

In late September & early October 2008 we returned to the Mediterranean to revisit some of our favorite places and explore some new ones. The links below are the locations we went to. In places we had been to before we focused on seeing different things from our initial visits.

Not that several of the galleries have panorama images that can take a while to load if you have a slow connection. Also, I'll be adding captions to the individual images over the next few weeks.

Gallery Subject # Photos   Gallery Subject # Photos
Barcelona 57 In Barcelona the architecture of Antoni Gaudi was a special interest of ours so I made separate galleries for two of his most famous works Gaudi 1
Capri 47   Casa Batllo 40
Cephalonia 24   Guell Park 25
Corfu 11
Dubrovnik 20
Florence 47
Lake Como 27
Rome 22
Santorini 44
Syracusa 55
Venice 93

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