These galleries are from a 3 week tour of mainland China we completed in April - May 2009.  The tour covered all the major interest points in China and was, in many ways, our most fascinating trip to date.  Our impression of China changed completely after we saw the many modern developments that have happened in that country in just the last 10 - 20 years.

I used a new software product to make the China galleries.  Each gallery contains slideshow software with user-controlled timing. Each gallery index page has a blog entry where comments can be posted.  Clicking on the left, right, or center area of each image will load the previous, next, or index page respectively. Clicking Help at the bottom of each page displays a pop-up help window.  

Also, most of the galleries have a number of panorama images that tend to be large and require horizontal scrolling (and vertical in the Shanghai gallery) to see them all.  The entire set of galleries is designed for a screen size of 1024 x 768 pixels, so if you are running with a smaller screen you will have to do some extra scrolling.

Gallery Subject # Photos
Beijing 42
Beijing's Hutong, Silk Rug Factory, and the Great Wall at Mutiyanu 29
Xian 45
The Terracotta Warriors 27
Farm Village near Xian 34
3 Gorges Dam and Yangtze River Cruise 70
Katarina Crew Performers 46
Lesser Gorges (& bridge construction) 45
The Ghost City 27
Chongqing and the Pandas 44
Guilin and Daxu village 54
The Li River 38
Shanghai 70
Tian Hou Silk Factory 11
Chinese Acrobats 29
The Temple of Heaven (and more) 47
The Shanghai Museum 23

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