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This section describes how I got started with wood turning, and in particular my experiences with turning bamboo countertop material. Note that the background image for this section is a photo of the butcher-block type of bamboo countertop I purchased for my initial set of projects. There ar other types as well; see the Wood Selection section for details.

Recently I've been concentrating on making bowls of various sizes. Click on the Birk's Bamboo Bowls link at the left to see some of the bowls I've made. To purchase bowls see this website: https://squareup.com/market/birks-bamboo-bowls.

When I searched for information on turning bamboo stock I found no information at all. There are lots of links for turning all sorts of other wood types, but I could not find anything about bamboo. Since I am a beginner at wood turning I decided to post all the information I've accumulated so far. So please click the links at left to go to the indicated topic.

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