3D printing is a surprisingly complex activity involving sophisticated hardware, software, and brainpower. These blog pages reflect my own experiences starting from scratch with 3D printing – I quickly realized that it was a much more complex undertaking than I had expected, and that has continued to this day.

After visiting numerous Internet forms related to 3D printing, and making numerous posts on several of them, I decided to try my own blog with the intent to demystify some of the more obscure aspects of 3D printing, and also to provide a forum for pertinent discussions. My hope is that this will encourage others to get started with 3D printing, and also that it will help others benefit from what I have learned and avoid some of the problems I encountered.

Possible future pages in this blog are

  • Pros & Cons of Delta style printers vs Cartesion style printers
  • Why I chose to use design software based on Parametric modeling techniques
  • What are Naked Edges and how to eliminate them
  • What is my overall design/preview/print workflow methodology
  • Why I choose SuperSlicer as my slicer of choice
  • How to do 2-color printing


Last Update: 14 Dec 2020