PrusaSlicer has been my slicer of choice ever since Craftware replaced their earlier Craftware slicer with a new design. It has taken me some time to develop a set of PrusaSlicer settings that work well for my SuperRacer, but I feel like the set referenced below is about as good as I can expect. Before you use these settings be sure to read the following points:

  1. I have upgraded my SR with a Bondtech LGX-Lite extruder. This has turned out to be a very worthwhile upgrade, and I have documented how I did it in this blog page: If you are running with a different extruder you need to pay attention to the points in paragraph # xxxx below.
  2. In addition to #1 above, my printer runs compiled Marlin Ver. 2.08 as provided by Foxies. Facebook refers to him as Fox Les; his Marlin software can be found here:, and documentation for it is here: BE AWARE: fussing with Marlin is not easy to do. It is not simple plug-and-play, so if you are trying it for the first time be sure you have a reliable and repeatable way to get back to the original stock SR firmware. In spite of this, I don’t think the printer firmware you use will have much, if any, impact on PrusaSlicer.
  3. My PrusaSlicer settings are for PLA. Other types of filament will require some tweaking. In particular I spent about a week getting decent settings for Pet-G.
  4. My PrusaSlicer settings include several GCode commands in the Printer Settings/CustomGCode section. You need to review these commands and make any changes appropriate to your particular printer. In particular, there is an M92 command that sets the extruder steps/mm. I found the best value for my extruder is 500. This is different from the factory recommendation of 562. I came to a value of 500 through a series of test prints using values ranging between 350 and 600. You should set this value to what works for your extruder. Note that the presence of this parameter will override what is compiled into your printer’s firmware.
  5. Pay attention to the values in the Printer Settings/Machine Limits section. These settings work well for me, and they should work well for any SR that has the stock stepper drivers. “Work well” means the printer and extruder move silently and without jerks or wobbles due to excessive Acceleration and Jerk values.
  6. I do not think it’s possible to make a print that has no visible seam on the outside. Please let me kow if you have found a way to truly eliminate seams. The settings I have for Seam position, Retraction, Lift-Z, etc. reduce the seam to a bare minimum. I also use the Seam Painting option to put the seam in a place that is less noticeable.
  7. I know the SuperRacer is advertised to run at high speeds – 150 mm/sec and above – but my speed settings are based on 100 mm/sec. It is likely that this could be higher, but it’s fast enough for me.

Here is a photo of a recent print I made and some close-up details:

You can get the STL file for this print here:

Here is the ZIP file containing the settings: To get the config.ini file just click on the link, download the ZIP file, and extract it’s content.

01 Apr 2022