Before purchasing my 3D printer I did quite a bit of research. I had 4 basic criteria for my printer: (1) it had to cost less than $2,000.00), (2) it had to have a robust design with high quality parts and good tolerances, (3) it had to be able to print fairly large parts, and (4) it must not require much desktop or table space.

It became clear that a delta-style printer was going to be the kind that best fit my needs.  I was just about ready to purchase the SeeMeCNC Orion Delta printer (SeeMeCNC Orion) when by chance I stumbled on this site: Atom2. After reading the Atom2 specs I decided it was better suited for me and I purchased it.

The Atom2 comes as a kit and it took me 3 1/2 days to put it together. This was before the Atom2 group had developed nice videos showing the complete assembly process; if I had had those videos my assembly time would probably have been about half what it was.

As is true for most 3D printers, I have made a number of modifications to mine. Here is a photo showing how my printer looks as of 15 Jan 2017:

Last Update: 17 Jan 2017